Railway Trucks

Since 1962, the Wilcox Truck Body has earned a world-class reputation in quality, performance, and reliability. The Wilcox Rail Body lives up to this reputation regardless if you’re on road or on-track when called upon to perform any task required.

From service vehicles to track maintenance vehicles, Wilcox Bodies manufactures the truck which will surpass all your expectations.



  • Fully aluminum, steel or hybrid construction
  • Full LED light systems (CMVSS/FMVSS certified)
  • Certified Electric and Hydraulic crane installations
  • Rail industry specific tool circuits
  • Hydraulic oil heaters/coolers
  • Hirail installation and on-track testing
  • Real time GPS trackers
  • Air compressors (underhood/above deck)
  • CSA certified power inverters
  • Fully customizable to achieve rail industry needs/requirements

The Wilcox Rail Bodies are each made by hand, designed to keep up with the fast pace, non-stop rail environment. Each Wilcox Rail Body is engineered for its specific work environment to maximize its full potential and capabilities. Be it to repair or replace track, maintain equipment, or whatever the case may be - each and every Wilcox Rail Body will be up to the task when called upon. The rail industry requires reliable equipment, Wilcox Rail Bodies is that equipment


Each Wilcox Rail Body relies on sophisticated engineering with intricate electrical and hydraulics systems to always perform at its peak. No matter if you’re on road or on-track, the Wilcox Rail Body will always be ready to perform. Our Rail Bodies are designed alongside today’s top equipment manufacturers, giving you a tool to perform every function. From PTO’s to tool circuits to heaters and coolers, our Bodies will include the right equipment to get the job done each and every time


Always at the top of our priorities, Wilcox Rail Bodies are always designed and built with safety in mind. Each and every Wilcox Rail Body is welded by CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certified welders as well as all pulling and carrying products are produced to Engineered stamped designs. Hirail installations go through rigorous on-track testing to ensure user safety. Each Wilcox Rail Body is available with LED lighting, emergency lighting, fall restraint systems, first aid and flare kits, fire extinguishers, non-slip surfaces and much more to perform work safely.