Mechanics Bodies

Power, Performance and Reliability are essential for mechanics when it comes to their equipment. Wilcox Steel and Fully Aluminum Mechanics Bodies are designed and built to handle the heaviest workloads. From the ground up there is no questions why the Wilcox Mechanics Body is top in the industry.



  • Fully steel or marine grade aluminum construction
  • 16,000 lb towing capacity
  • Heavy duty 14″ swing down tail gate
  • Reinforced tops
  • 22 inch deep compartments
  • Engineered crane tower and frame
  • All aluminum double panel doors
  • Non slip reinforced plank flooring
  • Oxygen/Acetylene compartment
  • Fully integrated hydraulic and electrical systems

The Wilcox Mechanics is the work horse of our product line. Electric or Hydraulic Cranes, Outrigger systems, Welders, hydraulic circuits, inverters and compressors are just a few items which turn your Wilcox Body into a powerful mobile mechanics work center. With the help of our design and engineer team we will create and manufacturer your Wilcox Mechanics Body to far exceeds your everyday needs and demands. The Wilcox Mechanics Body can and Will power through evert task you throw its way


No matter the size of the job at hand, Wilcox Mechanics Bodies are always up to the task. With crane towers engineered to withstand capacities of over 100,000 ft lbs, Wilcox Mechanics bodies are designed to complete the task the first time and every time.


Without the proper tools it’s hard to perform the take at hand, without reliable tools it’s impossible. Wilcox Mechanics Bodies are designed and manufactured with this in mind. When called upon to perform, the Wilcox Mechanics Body will execute each and every time. Wilcox Mechanics Bodies have been engineered to perform the most daunting tasks with ease time and time again, when called upon…the Wilcox Mechanics Body will be ready