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Wilcox Green Bodies.
The future is green.

Introducing the Wilcox Green Bodies logo. It is your way to easily identify Wilcox Bodies and options that
weigh less, use less energy and help you reduce your carbon footprint.


Energy Savings of up to 12%

5 to 7 percent fuel savings can be realized for every 10 percent weight reduction by substituting lightweight aluminum for a heavier material. Increased use of aluminum has saved burning more than 84 billion liters of fuel since 1990. A typical Aluminum Body weights 50% less than a Steel Body.

Fuel savings can be up to 12%.

Reduced Emissions

The lower weight also benefits the whole truck reducing the wear and tear on the suspension system and tires. The increased use of aluminum in commercial vehicles reduces the overall weight of the vehicle, which significantly reduces the greenhouse gas emissions associated with global warming.

Recycled Aluminum Savings

When we manufacture aluminum bodies, we use recycled aluminum wherever possible to help complete the cycle of reduce, reuse and recycle.

  • Aluminum is one of the most recycled materials on the planet and is infinitely recyclable, meaning commercial vehicle aluminum applications never need to be landfilled.
  • Recycling aluminum saves nearly 95 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 equivalent) associated with primary aluminum production and requires only about 5 percent of the energy.
  • Aluminum is more recyclable than fiberglass.

Look for the Wilcox Green Bodies logo. It is your assurance that we are doing everything we can to help you meet your green objectives.

Wilcox Green Bodies is Smart Business.

A green planet is a clean planet. And going green is smart business for many reasons.

    • Increased Payload
      Use of low weight, high-strength aluminum components allows trucks to carry larger cargo loads without violating weight restrictions on bridges and roadways.
    • Lower Maintenance Costs
      Save maintenance costs associated with wear and tear on the suspension system , brakes and tire treads.
    • Improved Durability
      Aluminum components are corrosion resistant which reduces the need for rust repair and increases the life cycle of the truck.
    • Higher Resale Value
      Commercial vehicles with aluminum components maintain their value resulting in a higher residual value.
    • Safety Performance
      Aluminum can absorb nearly twice as much crash energy as steel, and aluminum can be designed
      to fold predictably during a crash, letting the vehicle – not its passengers – absorb more
      of the crash forces.
    • Driving Performance
      All other factors being equal, vehicles made lighter with aluminum can accelerate quicker and require shorter stopping distances than heavier vehicles. Compared to heavier steel, aluminum can provide better stability and response, and reduced noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) due to reduced vehicle weight combined with high structural stiffness. Reducing weight with aluminum can decrease the slip angle between tires and the road for any given turning situation, allowing a vehicle to respond more directly and safely to steering inputs. The rigidity of aluminum’s structures puts drivers in touch with the road and provides more rapid and precise control.

Boost your performance and savings with Wilcox Green Bodies.