Emergency Vehicles

Wilcox Emergency Vehicles are built for performance in demanding situations. That’s where quality and craftsmanship really count.

Our Steel and Aluminum bodies include standard 12 gauge tops for superior strength and durability, automotive weather stripping and all of our bodies are welded by certified welders for that extra peace of mind. Included in each of our Service Bodies is a standard shelving package.



  • Fully customizable to satisfy the needs of the emergency industry
  • Meets all required standards and regulations
  • All the same specs as the service bodies
  • Full line of emergency equipment and lighting available
  • Each vehicle is designed with the specific requirements of the department in mind
  • Roll up doors
  • First aid supplies
  • Oxygen compartments
  • Non slip safety surface(s)
  • Water tanks

Wilcox Emergency vehicles are built for responsiveness. When the time comes for quick reaction, reliability is on your side with your Wilcox manufactured Emergency Body.


At no other time is quality as important then when it comes to emergency response vehicles. Each and every Wilcox Emergency Body is designated to perform at top level and continue to for many years to come, that is why each body is backed by our 7 Year warranty. Wilcox Emergency vehicles will always outperform expectations.


When dealing in emergency situations, safety cannot come into question. Wilcox spends countless hours to ensure that our Emergency Vehicles provide the highest safety standards to keep its users focused on the job at hand. Be it non slip surfaces, lighting, decals, safety kits (first aid, flares, fire extinguishers), dedicated oxygen compartments to name a few, the Wilcox Emergency Body keeps safety at the highest possible level where it should be.